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Armed with the mission of changing lives, transforming the world one person at a time, Greater Grace Church developed the following ministry to do the work of kingdom building:

B.A.N.G. Ministries

Enjoy activities, small group sessions and various events. Check out the B.A.N.G. Ministry calendar.



Enjoy activities, gatherings and life lessons to help you be productive and enjoy life as a woman.



The Children’s ministry of Greater Grace provides the little ones with their first taste of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through illustrated sermons, crafts and other interactive activities.

S.A.L.T. Ministries

There are  activities, events and gatherings designed to keep you active and engaged in life.



TV producers, writers, camera persons, sound persons and board technicians all find their home in this ministry. Sunday morning services and special events are recorded by the members of this ministry enabling members as well as visitors to enjoy spiritual presentations over and over again through the production of CDs and DVDs.



Through employment training, entrepreneurial programs, computer classes, housing programs, substance abuse recovery and a host of other social services programs, the Excellent Living Ministry empowers members of the community to lead quality, productive lives. 

Merch Ministries

In addition to DVD’s and CD’s produced by the Media ministry, the word of God continues to spread through merchandise specific to Greater Grace Church yet representative of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This ministry provides t-shirts, license plates and other items that promote Greater Grace and the Gospel message. 

Hospitality Ministries

A smile. A hug. A “glad to have you with us today”. These warm greetings and actions are provided by this ministry in order to let everyone know, members and visitors, you are welcome at Greater Grace Church. 

Men's Ministries

Bring a buddy with you and be among men that care about family, children, life, themselves and the Lord.


These ministries are designed to reach the internal and external community both locally, nationally and internationally. They include talking to people within their own neighborhoods as well as feeding the hungry, assisting foreign missions financially and providing transportation to those who have a need to get to and from church.

BUS Ministries

No one will be left out or behind when it comes to attending the services of Greater Grace. This ministry utilizes drivers that travel the metropolitan area picking up church members and bringing them to the church

USHER Ministries

To make your stay comfortable as well as orderly, the members of this ministry assist with the needs of the services and members with the love of Christ and professionalism.



Soul winning and soul sustaining is part of the goal of the Altar Ministry. The members of this ministry have a desire for souls. Within this ministry sinners are directed to Christ and members are strengthened through prayer and counseling. 



Want to know what’s going on? Need a space to write notes regarding the sermon? This is the ministry that makes sure the members are informed at a glance with what is going on in the church by compiling information and putting into an attractive, readable, bulletin-format. 



Praise! Praise! Setting the atmosphere. The music department is composed of the band, the mass choir, the praise team and the children’s choir. This is not an entertainment ministry, but a ministry that has as its goal to charge the atmosphere with praise and worship of the Lord through musical instrument, song and holy dance.



The word of God tells us “ His stripes we are healed.” The members of this ministry stand ready for those who may become ill at church. They are armed not only with prayer, but with practical applications to assist those in need of medical attention. 

SOUND Ministries

Making sure that you can hear the word of the Lord and the songs of Zion, members of this ministry ensure that the microphones, speakers and other sound equipment is operating effectively and efficiently. 

Security & Parking

This ministry ensures that your arrival and stay at Greater Grace Church is safe and free of external hindrances.

new member


Members of this ministry make certain of that by obtaining contact information from members and providing them with what they need to initially start their journey with the Lord. The New Members class provide those joining Greater Grace with an overview of basic biblical principles and an overview of ministries they can serve in once they have graduated the class.



Greater Grace cares deeply about its membership and the quality of their lives. This ministry’s members call and interact with families of Greater Grace Church ensuring that their needs are met. This ministry also provides visitor follow-up endeavoring to ensure that visitors return and have a pleasant visit.



The word of God exhorts us to study to show thyself approved. Through various topical lessons based on the Bible, this ministry provides members with knowledge of the word of God they can apply to their day-to-day lives. 



Good home cooking is what this ministry provides. The food ministry provides refreshments and sometimes complete meals for special events at the church. 

beautify Ministries

No trash. No broken windows. No foul smell. No dirty pews. No tall grass. This ministry makes sure that your spiritual enjoyment at the Greater Grace is enhanced by a beautiful sanctuary. 

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